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Arabic Language is one of the most important and leading languages of the world. At present, it is the spoken as an official language in more than 25 Arab countries. It is an International Commercial Language. It has been recognized by UNO. People have always been learning Arabic Language to get job opportunities across the world.

Chennai Arabic Institute provides different type of teaching in getting the learners’ satisfactions. We teach Modern Arabic with commercial approach to get various jobs in Arabic-Commercial field. We provide most renowned Arabic books to the learners to enhance the knowledge of reading, writing & speaking in Arabic. We translate all kinds of Documentation, Website translation, Passport, Visa and Certificates etc from Arabic to English & vice versa. We do interpretation in Arabic, English for Medical Tourism and guiding Arab Tourists. We also do freelancing services. We also teach Arabic Type-Writing skill & basic Arabic software usage to make the learners to do self-employment & to get job opportunities in Gulf countries. We conduct Training Courses, Intensive Courses, Extensive Courses, Special Classes & Crash Courses. We also teach Arabic Language through ONLINE. We take sincere efforts to fulfill your requirments.